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'You need to give it up, had about enough.'

Monica and Brandy brought us the 'Boy Is Mine' track in 1998, and nearly seventeen years later people are still trying to figure out whose boy it was. It's literally time to give it up and move on because according to Monica, there was no boy. It was strictly lyrics. In 1998, the two ladies were teenagers like most One Direction and Taylor Swift fans these days. Although often times celebrities create songs pertaining to a past incident that took place in their life, Monica wants us all to know that neither her nor Brandy got the boy or even had a boy. Rumors spread like wildfire about the two engaging in a physical altercation backstage at the Video Music Awards that aired on MTV back in 1998. It was all publicity, the two ladies were friends and let's just say their acting skills were on a millie.
In a brief interview with HuffPost Live [see here], Monica explained: "People are still asking, 'Who got the boy?' and there was no boy! We played up the dramatics of it all, but we were 16 and 17—there was no boy, no beef." Fans definitely have a way of making something bigger than what it is, but that's show biz for you. She also added, "Now as us being adults, it doesn’t exist," Monica said. "Brandy makes amazing music, so why would I tell a fan of mine that you can’t support her? It’s really frustrating. I am a huge supporter of everyone in the business, especially her...We know that as different as we are, there’s room for both of us. I absolutely wish the best for her, because I know what that journey is like. I know what that life is like." If you grew up in the 90's and this was your jam, you can finally relax knowing that the boy was nonexistent. Keep scrolling to take a trip down memory lane and take notes on some amazing acting skills.

How many of you actually this song was based on a factual situation between the two singers?

Monica and Brandy were my jam back in high school. Love these two!
Yesssss! Me too!!!! @cindystran great taste!!!
ALL THE TIME. haha this song is catchy and dramatic so I think fan expect something more.
Yesss! Still totally one of my favorite songs up until this day. Definitely catchy! @nicolejb