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Everyone wants something for Christmas, even our lovely Merc with a Mouth Deadpool. Wade already had my heart way before he hit silver screen so he does not have to worry about that. Wade believes in Santa, so let's hope he gets those gifts! Let's take a look at Wade's Christmas!
I can get you puddin'
Don't be a hater Peter! We will get you some new Web fuild! Sorry that Deadpool, used all of it like silly spray and stretched out your costume. Please bill Marvel... They will help you get at new suit Web head. Here is the address: 135 W 50th St, New York, NY 10016 Good luck with that I can give train directions, hope of the F train get off on 57th and 6th or you can take the R train! (yes that is Marvel's real address) Stay Frisky ♥ Madame Deadpool Wilson ♥ L A Von Dangerous
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@Kirooken which one?
The loudeners , pudding and unicorn!
loudenders is an oxymoron because he wants silencers. The unicorn is Deadpool's thing, he likes unicorns lol. He is random as heck!
@LAVONYORK @Kirooken And lastly who doesn't love pudding? Crazy people and communists...
@ComicGeek94 I realize he's crazy but he's sane enough to like pudding.