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I kept running out of space writing these cards, which honestly makes me really happy! This community means so much to me and I'm glad there are so many of you here that I can send good wishes to right now! I hope you're all getting into the holiday spirit whether Christmas is your holiday or not. It's a great time of year.
You've got an incredible sense of humor and a passion for all my favorite characters too! I hope this holiday totally rocks for you!
I hope this picture of your hubby gives you cheer today! He does look very handsome... haha best wishes to you and J.J. ^_^
I've been getting to know you since your username was totally different! You're so much fun to chat with and I'm glad we have so much in common to fan about!
It's been a blast talking headcanons with you. I hope that this Jensen adequately expresses my appreciation of how awesome you are!
It was a relief to be able to freak out with Teen Wolf with you. I'm looking forward to doing it all over again next season! i hope you have an awesome holiday, and get the break from school you need!
Thank you for being there for the Supernatural community when it was first getting started! Dean and I are both glad you were there. We hope your holiday totally rocks.
I'm so glad there are so many Supernatural fans in the Marvel community haha. All my fandoms are slowly combining, and I'm glad that you're a part of that!
You always make me smile. I hope that you have an amazing holiday, and if Luke Cage shows up for real please let me know.
I thought some Cherik might bring you some holiday cheer. Hopefully there will be more when Apocalypse comes out! In the meantime, happy holidays.
I hope your holidays are filled with Loki! It's been awesome getting to know you and I'm looking forward to all the tricks you have in store ^_^
You're an incredible writer and I love everything you've shared. (Your movie recs are the best!). Hope your holidays are grand this year!
Thank you for encouraging all the fanfiction writers out there because there is never going to be enough for me! I hope your holidays are totally awesome ^_^
You're an amazing person and your perspective is always a breath of fresh air. I hope you and your little one have an amazing holiday!
Dear @zaperz
Your love for Loki definitely makes me love him more too! I hope that you get lucky and find him giggling under the tree (or wherever) this year!
Dear @Beeplzzz
It's been awesome getting to know you and freaking out about Loki together! Wishing you an amazing holiday this year.
I'm looking forward to going bananas over Wonder Woman with you next year! But in the meantime I hope you have some very happy holidays ^_^
You make me laugh every week with your wild mad lib contributions. Seeing you here always makes me smile! I hope your holidays are as awesome as you are.
I'm so glad I found someone else who loves Agent May as much as I do! Wishing you and yours an awesome holiday!
You're an amazingly talented person and I'm looking forward to hearing all about your make-up artist career! All my best wishes to you this holiday season!
And look, I've run out of space once again. If there's anyone out there still waiting on a card I promise I'm still working on them! I know Christmas is really soon so they might be... holiday cards. But you know I love you, right?
RIGHT?! he is amazing!! awhh happy holidays to you too!!! it was wonderful. :)
Merry Christmas !!!
@shannonl5 thank you so much 馃槉馃槉馃槉馃槉馃槈馃槏馃槈馃槈馃槈 I can't wait until next year. Merry Christmas
HowHow sweet. I'm very happy and very blessed that you did this. thank you so much and I wish you a happy holidays as well.
Thank you for the card! And you chose my favorite Marvel character. You know me so well lol 馃榿 Have an awesomely merry Christmas @shannonI5
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