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I'm New

Hello I'm new. My daughter got me into Kpop and the rest was history lol. I was hooked. I'm a Bigbang B.A.P Infinite Super Junior and more. I daughter recommended Vingle to me and told me that there are plenty of crazy fangirls\Fanwomen like me. So I'm glad I joined and hope everyone is welcoming :) @StefaniTre my daughter who got me to join. Here's a few pictures enjoy!
Welcome mom I knew I'll get u to join sooner or later lol
Welcome to Vingle.. here you can express your self.. we have all types of communities.. and collections that you might enjoy.. Welcome again to the family..
Hello, Hello :D Welcome to Vingle its great to see you here, I hope to see you around in some of our different communities. If you have any question dont be afraid to ask were very Friendly. :)
Welcome @DonnaSearles!! I'm a mom and huge KPOP fan as well ... glad you could join us 😁
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