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As part of a series of cards that I am writing, which is a collection of proposals, here is another goodie that I found that you are going to LOVE!

Leash the Dog

"Knowing how much I wanted a dog, Ryan got us a puppy. The day after he brought her home, we took her to our favorite part of the woods and let her explore.
In the middle of it, Ryan suggested we put her collar back on. I thought it was a bad idea because she was having so much fun off the leash, but he insisted we do so and that I look at her dog tag as we did. On the little red heart, there were five golden words that I'd been longing to hear (or see?)... "Jessica will you marry me?"
I turned around and he was down on one knee with a gorgeous ring in his hand. Tears rolling down my face, I leaped into his arms and with my whole heart, cried out the words he'd been longing to hear too... "Yes!""
If this is the first proposal you've read or seen on Vingle, that is all about to change. I actually shared another proposal that you can see here. It's a good one too! Well, there will be plenty more proposals to be shared. And, I already have my first fan, fellow Vingler, @Allobaber!
These are too cute
Aaaaahhhhhhh omg!!!! This one is TOO cute!! :D Hahaha I'm your biggest fan @marshalledgar :3 my boyfriend's twin brother did something like this when he proposed. He and his girlfriend took their dog on a hike, and when they got to the top (where there was this GORGEOUS view, of course) he said to her, "hey, i think there's something on the dog's collar. can you check what it is?" and there's this little black box... with a ring inside!! so he gets down on one knee and tells her how much he loves her and she ugly-cries for about 10 minutes lol and of course says yes :) i cannot tell you HOW much joy these kinds of stories bring me lol. i'm a sucker >.< i guess that's why Love & Relationship is my favorite!! :D
Thanks for the comment @VeronicaArtino I love these proposals too. :)