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Hi everyone!!! i am a huge ROOFTOP fan, so just writing as I go and getting pics from wherever I can find! Refresh every now and then to get latest! I'm numbering them by scene so its easier for you to follow. PLEASE PLEASE COMMENT. otherwise i will be lonelyy. lets see who can guess how RP will end today MUAHAHA Continuing part 2 (#2) here --> PLS COMMENT OR CLIP EVERYONE!!! I want to win the Yoochun Bday event!!! ===================================== 1: LG has actually gone back to the Joseon dynasty, and he's actually still wearing his wedding outfit keke. But he gets chased by a group of men... till he meets one of his good old friends again! It's Mr Yellow Tracksuit (I can never remember his name). Wangseja run run! Escape! 2: Turns out Crown Princess actually hasn't died, she was actually hiding in a corner secretly looking at Wangseja, but accidentally fell down (hehe how clumsy, just like ME). Wangseja discovered her, and helped her up 3. Both Crown Princess and Sena havent died... I'm confused... so who was it then??? 4. There's actually a plot to try and poison Wangseja with the persimmons... but Buyong realises in time and quickly tries to stop the evilness!!! NO WANGSEJA IF YOU DIE I WILL ALSO DIE..... 5. Buyong tells Princess she solved the riddle, and asks for a reward - and she asks for the poisoned persimmons!!! She eats them one by one... noo..... she starts to feel faint and dizzy 6. The Princess is so confused, she runs to look for Buyong, Buyong can't hold in the poison anymore and she gives the Princess one last request "pls protect Wangseja..." Buyong tells the Princess that they should exchange identities so they can cover up everything. At this moment the murderer shows up!!! 7. Buyong JUMPS. 8. Wangseja finds out the truth and boy is he pissed. There's an arrow that is shot at Wangseja (AH!) but he's not hurt. He wants to confirm who exactly is Buyong... 9. Pakha is the one who saves Wangseja, cos he was saved by the arrow because of *drumrolls* THE PENDANT!!! anyone else loving this weaving of the future and the past??? Show me some love! Leave some comments!!! 10. Rooftop Prince walks alone, and he starts to think of all the times he has had with Pakha.... I am crying now... anyone else.... Wangseja goes to Buyong's room, and finds the letter that she had written for him. Wangseja also writes a letter to Pakha, and puts it in the original place too
@Ladyshennamae same here :L
..its have good ending but Im not satisfied? just like that?.. haaiizzttt
I love the ending!!!! YEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yay! Crown Prince is saved by Park Ha... again!
wow! i didn't even think of the pendant before.. whew!
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