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She Said Yes

"It was the fourth quarter of a Penn State football game against San Diego State and Penn State was winning. Spirits were high in the crowd and as a commercial timeout was called on the field all eyes turned to the Blue Band, expecting a song. Instead of standing and playing, the band sat down and senior trumpet section member John Hudish pulled his girlfriend, Blue Band uniform manager Maddy Cook, onto a bench.
He got down on one knee and proposed! When Maddy said yes a mutual friend pulled out the sign "She Said Yes!". The student section started chanting "she said yes" over and over again and it caught the attention of the camera men, who then put it on the big screen. The whole stadium, around 104,000 people, saw the proposal and started cheering."
Just reading this, I was overwhelmed with a rush of thrill and emotion. You can almost feel the energy and excitement of the beaming couple, his band member friend and the crowd. This is exactly how a big proposal should go.
It was creative, public, yet nothing too elaborate. And ultimately, the most important part is when she said yes!
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I love things like this so cute
quite adorable and inspiring
I love it!! This story makes my heart beat faster too :)
Thank you both for the comments. I appreciate it. I wasn't sure if my collection of proposals would be of interest to anyone, but it seems it has. thank you! :) @Peahyr and @VeronicaArtino