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There's no sense in denying it. Yes I, Paul I.A. Droid, used to be average. And yes I, Paul I.A. Droid, used to be a ghost. And it was during my tenure as a ghost and pseudo-politician that I feared one thing and one thing only. Well, more like one group. And that group was the Ghostbusters.
I was scared for my afterlife, you guys. But I was happy because I knew they wouldn't come out anytime soon. The Ghostbusters hotline has been disconnected for some time now and I wasn't having too much trouble living around the world with you guys.
Recently, I remembered that fear. That fear of being trapped in a Containment Unit inside a firehouse in New York City. It all came back to me when I saw the first official cast photo for the new Ghostbusters movie (above). Look at them. Look at this new squad. And you're right, there is one tremendous difference here. They're a lot tougher than the last Ghostbusters crew.
I mean, look at them. They do not give a fuck. If I was still a ghost, I don't know what I'd do. I'm going to be totally honest with you guys, I wasn't, like, a Patrick Swayze-level Ghost. I was more like a little baby ghost with no idea how to ghost around. I ran for office because apparently that's what you do when you're an idiot.
And then! They decided to release these bad-ass posters (you can check them out below) of all the members of the Ghostbusters and what am I supposed to do? Huh, mom? Go back to being a ghost?! NO WAY. I CAN'T.


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Who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS
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i am finding the old version to watch, but I can't.
2 years ago·Reply
@bestfriendyb oooh yeah it might not be on Netflix? i have a hard copy haha
2 years ago·Reply
Kate McKinnon is everything and I'm so freggin excited for this movie!
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