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Sometimes I get wrapped up in the bad stuff with the news. With the Paris Attacks, political drama, refugees and wars, I look at our world and think... "Did anything good helpful and productive happen this year?" And with only 2 weeks left in 2015 I thought it would be good to reflect on what's all happened. Well I'm happy to report that a lot happened.

This year was a big one, don't you think?

15. Star Wars: The Force Awakens is Out!

Ok, but really who has/is going to see this movie?!

14. Miss Japan was a woman of mixed race

Criticized by many, but inspired many more :)

13. The Dress

I still think it's white and gold.

12. The Discovery of Water on Mars!

One step closer to colonization, right?

11. U.S. Women Won the World Cup!

I'm not a sports person, but even I cried when these ladies won.

10. Adele Released Album '25'

This is also something I cried during.

9. Love Won!

8. All Military Jobs in the U.S. are open to Women

Because ladies can kick butt too.

7. Princess Charlotte was born.

Royal babies and the cutest.

6. The Pope visited the U.S.

He even hung out with the president.

5. Shei LaBeouf was awesome

His "Just Do It!" video, and his movie-viewing self left a lasting impression.

4. We Can See Pluto Now

Shoutout to New Horizons!

3. Queen Elizabeth celebrates being the Longest-Reigning Monarch

No-doubt a historic moment for the nation, and the world.

2. Ebola is almost completely gone

Let's keep it gone, please.

1. Climate Change Deal Established in Paris

A big win for Mother Earth!

What was your favorite moment from 2015?

I will also be doing a Community Year in Review next week to catch you up on what happened here in the community. Two weeks until the year ends-- Happy 2015 everyone!
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anytime :) I'm also trying to look at my own milestones in my life @EasternShell I hope that helps you look at the positives in your life too!
2 years ago·Reply
Totally @KatieRussell!! And another huge space thing happened today that could mean a lot more space travel (maybe our first trip to mars?) @KatieRussell I'm really into that stuff. are you?
2 years ago·Reply
I wonder if space travellers would respect the environment of other planets. We are still trying to preserve Earth. I just told someone yesterday that 2020 is not that far away. It is not just a number. That's a milestone.
2 years ago·Reply
There have been a lot of awesome moments this year! I can't wait to see the year in review, @nicolejb. @TylerDurso I agree, it's been a Beautiful thing! @EasternShell it's a crazy thought, isn't it?!
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TECHNICALLY SPEAKING, gay marriage still isnt legal. See, the supreme courts ruling was unconstitutional. See they are supposed to interpret the constitution and if they felt that gay marriage should be legalized then they should have notified the congress who were supposed to take a vote up on it and ratify the constitution as such. What the supreme court did was overstretch their authority and the constitution STILL hasnt been ratified. So, just saying, technically speaking it still isnt legal yet until congress votes to approve it because thats THEIR job not the supreme courts. We are a nation of laws and separate branches of government. As such we need our government branches to not over step tbeir authority, even if you feel its for a good cause.
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