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Ready, set, get to the pushin'.

You guys, this week has been insane for me! And because the weight-crushin' was totally lacking at the gym, I've got a challenge for both you and me. This doesn't take any sort of equipment -- all you need is upper body strength (which I am totally at a disadvantage because I have more leg and back power! GRR!!!!)

Challenge: do push ups sometime today and let us know how many you were able to do. You can share a video, a photo, or just write a really brief card about.

*You're allowed to do assisted push ups (knees resting to the floor. Just note that you did them assisted!)
K. Show off. (-______-)
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You guys are seriously bad asses!
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That little kid is a beast!! 馃槻 I can only do 25. I have a weak upper body but I prefer it that way. When I bulk up it just dosnt look good to me....lean or otherwise.
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