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What kind of traveller you are? Big city or small town?
Each of us, we have different type of traveling. Some of us want to travel to cold countries, some of us want to travel to tropical countries with exotic foods. Some wants to go to up to the mountain, some would love to deep into the blue sea. So which type of traveller are you? You want to lose yourself in the big traffic of big city. Or you want to wander yourself around small town to experience the peaceful moment ? P/S: This is Hallstatt, a small hidden town in Austria, near to Salzburg. You could spend one night here, or few days if you want to have some small peaceful moment after heavy drinking in German :)
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@alise yah me too !! I defnitely in love with small town, imagine yourself in middle of the field, fresh air and .. it hars to explain the feeling ! :)
@RahafDouhan yah definitely :) I once do volunteer work in northern netherland. And it was really peaceful in the smalltown. fresh air, organic food, nice people. That is all i need :)
big city for me ! :) I am kind of guy who enjoy to be with people, and enjoy the business of the flow of people :)