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Sooo basically there is this newer kdrama out and it's called The's about 4 couples who aren't married but live's the most inappropriate kdrama I've ever seen but I love it so much!! (yes there is a boyxboy thing in this so if you don't want to watch it don't XD) but yeah..I SUGGEST YOU WATCH THIS! IT'S SOO SOO FUNNY^.^ but's super inappropriate for younger kids..I know there is younger children on this app..SO BE AWARE! So, in conclusion...enjoy watching! I watch it on the website/app called Viki..♡
@AbbyRamey right I like how they told them closer closer tilt your head like this and who the guy with the black brownish hair is like 'do we kiss now' and they like NO! an he like 'do we kiss after or the next episode? is there any kissing ?' and the staff started laughing
yes! @twistedPuppy it was so weird but I cracked up XD
OMG I loved this Kdrama when it came out lol did you see the behind scene with the two guys lol