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Sure Ward, sure.

Apparently SOME PEOPLE (not naming names here) in the community have decided to make the biggest mistake of their lives and join HYDRA. Just in case anyone here was on the fence about this evil organization, here's ten reasons to avoid them at all costs:
1. They were part of the Nazi science division. So sure, while their leader Red Skull wanted power for himself instead of the party, they still adopted a lot of Nazi policies and are really just as bad. For example...
2. They were going to kill twenty MILLION people not for crimes committed, but because an algorithm written by a Nazi scientist determined those people were to dissident to live.
3. They've always been after world domination, even at the cost of the entire human race.
4. They have a history of abducting and brainwashing people. Not a company you want to work for.
5. The film Captain America: Winter Soldier was based on the real-life surveillance that the United States government has been illegally using on American citizens. Fans of freedom don't belong with Hydra.
6. Remember that time they were going to bomb the crud out of major American cities? Because Captain America does.
7. They're also super in favor of performing non-consensual experiments on people. Because HYDRA doesn't care about free will.
8. They spent centuries sending people to an alien planet to sacrifice to an 'alien god' because that seems like a good use of human resources.
9. They were responsible for multiple assassinations, including that of genius Howard Stark.
10. They abducted World War II veteran James Buchanan Barnes. Tortured him, brainwashed him, and used him as a weapon for seven decades. Making him the longest surviving prisoner of war the world has ever seen.

So sure, join HYDRA.

We'll see you when we come to kick your ass.
I like the last line, it makes feel feisty!!! let's go nail some hydra ass!!!!
Hail Hydra..........
Wow nice!! All very good valid points!
@buddyesd lol yes that's exactly what we need to do