BTS is so handsome! ~^O^~ This is something that's been on my mind for a while now & I'm really not the best when it comes to explaining things.....So please bare with me on this. I honestly hate that guy Kpop idols have to go to the Army, because their dreams are getting taking right from under them. BB worked so hard to get were they are at & now it's being taking away from them & they'll be gone for two fucking years. It really breaks my heart & it's going to be just as painful when BTS & Got7 & other boy bands have to give up their dream to be in the Army.....Like it's really upsetting & it makes me want to cry. It's truly unfair that they have to sacrifice even more then what they have. Their families hardly get to see them as it is & now they really aren't going to be able to speen time with their love ones. It's seriously unfair & I wish I could do something so BB & other Kpop idols won't end up giving up their dreams to end up in the Army.
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@FueledbyKass It's not because they're famous it's because it's their dream to be on stage & on the big screen. The worked hella hours & go on crazy diets just to make their fans happy. They to be the best singers/Rappers & dancers they can be. Fame is just what comes with the territory.
Yes, but its only fair they get treated like other citizens. That's why I don't mind they go to the army. I'm just thinking how a government would think. Which now that I think about it, it makes it sound like I'm old.
@FueledbyKass You're opinion is your opinion...nothing else I can say ✌
@faithhanne πŸ˜₯
Some of the idols actually want to go in. They do have some choices also. Siwon is a conscripted police officer. A few of the idols do public service, though the amount of time they have to do it is greater than just serving in the Army. They don't have to serve in the Army either.....there are other branches of the military the idols can decided to join.