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too protective I would say.. look at him. he be like.. J: Stay Away from Him!! you savages!! the gifs where he is covering Mark's chest.... J:.Only I can see this. that's what I think he would say..haha
aaw.... I know he would do anything to make .him feel better.. or good.. lol. gif 2 wait and see....too much touching neck massages. .

He will protect Mark even from the WIND. .hahahha.. look at him too funny fighting with the wind. . aaww.. they always feeding eachother. .

and always there to confort when he wipes his tears that time remember? ?? and stay with him till he got better... no matter what Markson Forever!! ♡♡

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Thanks 😊@luna1171
2 years ago·Reply
The only ship I would gladly sink with. #Marksonforever
2 years ago·Reply
I love this friendship it reminds me of heechul and hangeng(hankyung)friendship
2 years ago·Reply
Omg! I'm jelly of Jackson....I wish I had a friend like that...#MARKSONFOREVER
2 years ago·Reply