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The Mafia series an interesting one to me because I don't know anyone who actually keeps up with it. I don't mean I don't know anyone who's played the games because I certainly have. But I've gotten them on the cheap, from my guy Felix Fast Fingers and his "Used Game" Program.
And ever since IGN released 12 minutes of developer-narrated gameplay, I can't help but feel underwhelmed by video games. When I watched this video at work the other day I asked one of my co-workers, "you ever watch a video game and it's just like people driving crazy and shooting things" and they said, "that's every video game for me, Paul" and then I said, "YOU DON'T KNOW VIDEO GAMES STOP TALKING TO ME".
With that in mind, I realized it really is just like every other video game. I'm unsure of what sets this game apart from other games like it. It's definitely not going to beat out Grand Theft Auto as the premier Open World Third Person Cover Based Shooter.
Nothing stands out about this game. It's just another game. And that's the problem, I think. A lot of video games are just another game. It's very rare when we get games that try to push the envelope in terms of gameplay or story. And by push the envelope, I don't really mean "SEX STUFF AND PROBABLY VIOLENCE, YEAH VIOLENCE". I mean push the medium forward.
Time and time again I listen to my friends complain and whine about the fact that no one takes video games seriously as an art form and maybe this is why. Maybe we need to stop trying to capitalize on what's been done previously and start looking forward and trying new things.
But that's kind of a problem itself. It's hard for anyone who isn't sitting at home on their own making their own stuff to do whatever they want. Or to try and shift the paradigm of video games from a place that ONLY involves shooting at guys, stealing cars, or treating women horribly. Every company wants to make money. I just hope that Mafia 3 makes none of it.
I'll probably pick it up though whenever Felix Fast Fingers gets his hand on it, that is.
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I think games like this are ultimately harmless to the industry. yeah, they exist, and some folk will play them, but no one is gonna bat an eye about it. look at games like Just Cause, though. that's another open world shooter (cover-based sometimes) but it does a lot to push the medium forward. they don't want to be too closely aligned with GTA even though they are super similar. they do new and interesting things within an established frame.