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Yes, I am well aware that the continents north of the equator are in the midst of a chilly wintry season, but everyone SOUTH OF THE EQUATOR is enjoying the blessings of Spring and Summer! Of course, all of Los Angeles is still experiencing a warm winter season, as usual.
Anyhow, take a look at this bright and sunny bridal bouquet of daisies! Whether you're a BoHo bride or the neo-hipster type, you can't say no to this bouquet that is effortless, simple, stylish, chic and so appropriate for the spring and summertime seasons.
Also, because there's so much white, and the yellow is an ochre shade, this would work beautifully for a rustic wedding too. Don't let the flower "type" force you into a certain style. Just go with the flow and do what YOU want.
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