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One of Marvel's youngest heroes ended up being the bravest

So, we all knew Secret Wars was going to be a little upsetting. The entire universe is getting a reboot, and even though the new comics are really exciting, it is sad to say goodbye to some of our old favorites. That being said, this goodbye felt right.

And then there was this...

She's all right!

Miles Morales' mother was dead in the previous continuity, which was one of the saddest parts of his backstory. Now, it looks like Marvel is taking a different approach. And he remembers the previous continuity, which means there's plenty of space for our old favorites to return, right? It's nice to see Marvel leaving that door open.

Who else is caught up?

@B3astBushido I don't think you were alone. It was pretty hard to follow unless you read every single comic and I don't think enough people want to do that. We want to read the characters and writers we like, I don't think people appreciated feeling like they were suddenly required to read everything. For one that's way too expensive!
@shannonl5 thank god the storyline was getting so complex... I stopped reading spiderman once it got on the spider verse that series wasnt interesting to me as well I just skipped that whole series...
@shannon1 Did this happen because the universe of the 616 merged with the ultimate universe making Miles & Peter in the same universe I heard something like that happened Idk how thou? could Be been just fans who wanted her back because it was pretty sad when his mom died.
@shannonl5 i know and soooo sad but now its awesome shes back
@RodneyYoung yeah I was kind of surprised at first since it's such a major part of his story
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