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HEY FRIENDS. THIS POST IS VERY IMPORTANT TO ME. I HAVE A GREAT NEED. A year and a half ago, i got a foot injury and because of i didnt have medical insurance, i was not able to get the proper medical treatment for it. i got two xrays done and for whatever reason, my injury didnt show up. I assumed that i needed an MRI but because i dont have insurance, i was not able to get it. nor was i able to see a doctor. i have lived with this for over a year. finally, God sent me a friend who is willing to help pay for my medical expenses. he paid for my first doctor visit and my MRI. But he can only help so much and i felt the need to reach out to others. The results of my MRI Were shocking! I have multiple fractures on my right foot. This has been the cause of my pain and my circulation problem in my feet and legs as i was not able to walk on it for months. Yes, i am now walking on a broken foot with a walker. i am a walking miracle. But the circulation problem is difficult to manage and im not able to go out and do anything and i cant work, because of it. Even brushing my teeth and bathing is an inconvenience because having my feet down causes the blood to collect in my feet and it is difficult to get it moving again. What im asking is that you make a small donation as much as you can, and if you cant donate, then please, share this post. Thank you. It's been a long hard year emotionally and physically. I just want to get well and be around people again. I want to be me again. So i hope you can help.
Hey Melissa! Have you tried Kickstarter or GoFundMe? THey're websites where people from all over the world can get funding for what they need. I'm not sure if we Vinglers can help, but in the event that you want more exposure or support those sites would be GREAT! I'm so sorry for what's happening and wish you the best of luck. I am spread pretty thin, but I know those outlets have helped friends of mine in the past. If you need any help with those sites let me know! Best of luck!
Oh my goodness! That's really rough. I'm glad you know what's up at least!
@TessStevens i have to wait until after the holidays for my mom to open me a savings account before i can do that. but that is what i am going to do when i can. i just thought i would get started collecting any way i can. thanks for your friendship.
@MelissaMae I don't believe that people doesn't care. I still believe that there are lot of good people out there. I agree, think try out GoFundme. I don't know how it works but I've seen it helped a lot of people. I'm new in Vingle so I don't really know much about it and how it'll work for what you need.
That's awful! I hope you'll get the the support and treatment that you need @MelissaMae . Don't give up!
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