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There's one major character missing from the trailer: Spider-Man. He's been confirmed as part of the movie, so we know to expect SOMETHING. Either he's only there as a cameo, or there's not a way to put him in the trailer without a major spoiler. But there's something else missing: the Marvel television series. Both ABC and Netflix have had great success with their tv offerings, so where are those beloved characters in the movie?

They were there in the comics.

Luke and Jessica were both opposed to the Superhuman Registration Act that started Civil War in the comics. Granted, it seems like the act is going to be international in the films (instead of specific to America like the comics). There's one other major difference: Luke and Jessica were married with a child in the comics by the time Civil War started. In the show, they left off in an ambiguous place. Does that mean we won't get a reference to them after all?

Will they have time?

Civil War is already a huge movie. And even though most of the Avengers ensemble is there, it is technically Captain America's show. We don't really know enough about the story yet to say for sure, but they might just not have time time to fit in more than a passing reference to the rest of the cinematic universe. Which is a shame, but I think I'd rather see a good movie than one filled with characters. Anyone else with me on that?
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@shannonl5 Yeah I feel ya on that. I didn't like Jessica Jones though. I did enjoy daredevil though.
I don't think that the marvel universe has really made a place in the story line for them yet. hopefully soon tho.
@ChosenKnight the more I think about it, you're probably right. There's a lot going on right now, but once the movies have reached some more balance hopefully there will be more space for these awesome characters
It would be nice, I wish they did build a cross.
@shannonl5 yup. another issue is that Marvel seems to be a lot more focused on the action in the movies versus the comics.