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If you want to eat healthy and get ripped, the best place to start is creating your own meal plan. Diet is a huge factor in health – after all, if your body's the car, food is the gasoline that keeps it running! And more than that, food provides the building blocks your body needs to bulk up.
If you want to give creating your own meal plan a try, it's super easy! There's a great guide that will take you through every step of the way that I found here. It's specifically targeted towards women, but it'll totally work for men too – just multiply your body weight by 15-17, rather than by 12-15.
The meal planning strategy will help you:
1) Calculate the number of calories you'll need to consume each day. (Use the multiplication technique they mention, or just aim for 250 calories higher than your "usual" intake.)
2) Figure out the correct breakdown of macronutrients (major nutrient groups – protein, carbs, and fat).
3) Choose the right nutritious foods for your diet.
4) Build your plan!
Just go to the site here and follow their instructions. It's easy! :)

It's easy to eat healthy and achieve your fitness goals – it just takes a little extra planning.

Don't let laziness stop you! Grab your notebook and start planning today! :)
Let me know if you have any questions; I'd be happy to help. @XavierLopez you should definitely check this one out!!
thank you, I will definitely look into it and find a plan that's right for me. just hope it's in my budget.
wow, I had never really thought about what I put into my body. dieting is not something I'm good at. but I'll try @AlloBaber
@XavierLopez sorry forgot to tag ehe
I think it should be! keep things simple, repeat meals, and cook in large batches :) go for cheaper options – rice instead of quinoa, beans and lentils instead of always eating meat as your protein... things like that can make a huge difference :)