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Let's Talk about 'Manspreading'
TNYPD reported arresting a man for 'manspreading' then when he was taken to the police station-- they found the man was also a wanted murder.
Tweeters read the story and it went wild --- "Manspreading kills!" they announced.

Does it really kill? Jokingly maybe, but here's why is ACTUALLY might kill...

I never really thought man spreading was a big deal. During my first month in New York, I learned that 'man spreading' is when men (especially on subway car seats) feel the need to spread their legs and take up a BUNCH of space.
Space that perhaps someone else could be sitting in.

Sure, it's annoying, but not life threaten. Right?

But it turns out man spreading might just be bigger than the space they are taking up. Blogger Mirah Curzer argues an important point:
"Manspreading is a manifestation of the belief that women are not allowed to take up space. It perpetuates a world order in which women’s bodily integrity is less respected than men’s. And that world kills women. If you think I’m making a mountain out of a mole-hill, just think about other struggles in which the right to occupy public space has featured prominently. Think of Rosa Parks. Think of “whites only” sidewalks and building entrances. Think of religious buses in Brooklyn with separate women’s sections in the back. For that matter, think of sit-ins and other forms of activism that use the presence of human bodies in public spaces to send important messages."

Alright community peeps. What are your thoughts on this issue? Is manspreading just an annoying little problem, or a bigger issue that we need to address?

Let's keep things respectful and listen to each others opinions and ideas!
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@jordanhamilton I'd make room ;) (I mean it sweetly) @shannonl5 yea. Ppl have all sorts of issues, they escalate the simplest of things. troubled times Usually men who feel weak/inferior do stupid things to assert their 'dominance' and it's a shame how self-interested and inconsiderate they are. I try to restore some chivalry when I can.
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Well that means a lot @Sadistyk 🤗
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@Sadistyk that's such a good observation. I feel like there's a lot of pressure on men to appear dominant at all times and when it feels like that's threatened the only resource they're allowed to use is aggression
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@shannonl5 very true. many aren't raised to communicate their emotions effectively (mainly due to gender roles) the less power they believe they have, the more they desire to exert 'power' over others and in situations. most believe that women struggle with confidence, but men do as well and don't know how to deal with it
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@Sadistyk definitely. It's that we exhibit our struggles with confidence in very different ways because we've been given different outlets. It's amazing how much baggage we carry into something that seems so simple as a subway ride
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