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Continuing... pls show some love and comment/clip my card :( I want to win the Yoochun Bday event!!!! OTHERWISE I WILL STOP!!! *evil laughter* ====================================== 11. Wangseja cries as he writes a letter to Pakha (whom he will prob never see again) and he keeps it in the same place 12. Pakha finds Wangseja's letter... oh no... i can feel my eyeballs welling up... 13. Wangseja writes of how much he misses Pakha and how he thinks of her all the time... Damn I am crying as I write this...Wangseja and his men start to sell egg fried rice in the Joseon Dynasty and its a hit! heehee 14. The 4 of them pretend that they are back in Seoul... dressing up in their tracksuits and eating their fav sweets. Taeyong draws his darling Pakha again. This is so bittersweet. 15. whaaaaaaat.... Pakha actually manages to see the postcard that Wangseja left for her, with her drawing on it, and with a date for them to meet... LG: Even though its been over 300 years, I still love you. ================THE END ============ what do you guys think of the ending??????
never get tired of watching... tears and laughters... ohh... #1 even 300yrs pass....
Rooftop Prince is the best...!
waaaah, there's many of you tht didnt satisfied with the ending na.... i loveee the ending eventhough i can guess what will happened next.... i love your recap, can i keep some of them?
I am doing another Time travel drama...hahahh go figure... and later Dr. Jin and well.... a few drama coming
@Pr1ncess61 ahahaha you must first promise to promote my card for me and write 50 comments for me so I can win the Yoochun bday event kekeke then I will DO IT!
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