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Super thanks to @felicityautumn for starting this super unique and awesome challenge. My family has a lot of weird and amazing family traditions so I'm excited to share these with you all.
Here's the challenge:
1. Create a card where you talk about your family traditions or celebrations for the holidays.
2. Include at least two images.
3. Tag your Vingle buddies so they can participate!

The Pickle Ornament

My family celebrates Christmas. Every year when everyone is home for the holidays, a big part of that tradition is to decorate the tree together. Even if it's the night before Christmas, my mom will wait until everyone is home before we decorate.
Well the pickle ornament of course. It's actually an old German tradition that my family pick up while we were living in Germany. Essentially the parents hide the pickle ornament in the tree after all the other decorations are up. Like IN the tree. So it's SUPER hard to find.
Me and my two siblings rush back into the tree to find the pickle ornament. The tradition is that if you find the pickle ornament first then you get an extra gift for christmas. We never really count our gifts, so we are really just fighting for bragging rights. It's still gets super intense.
This year, my older brother found the pickle :(

Smoked Troutwder

Every year for Christmas Eve my dad makes a special soup. It's called Smoke Troutwder. It's a chowder-- but made with trout instead. It usually takes him a couple days to smoke the trout, and to have everything perfect.
I don't know how this became a tradition in my family, but I'm always excited to have Troutwder.

What are your family traditions for the Holidays?

I'd like to challenge : @InPlainSight @AlloBaber and @RaquelArredondo for the next round!
Christmas is so close! Happy Holiday's everyone!
How amazing! So unique! I love it!!! I'm so happy that you are spreading the holiday cheer! Happy holidays! 😀💕🎉
And happy holidays to you too!!
Thanks for the inspiration @felicityautumn 😊 happy holidays to you!
Totally love the pickle thing too, so odd and awesome.
Hahaaa alright I got this! ^^