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Just in case you needed some delightful gift ideas for your charming ex.

Tamales That Were Thrown into a Fire

"Hey bro. Merry f*cking Christmas. Here are burnt tamales from your mami's kitchen. These are a representation of how dark and burnt your heart is."

Pour Adobo All Over Their Lawn

"Because you're salty as f*ck"

Shit On Their Favorite Latin Dish

"Here's a nice liquid-y shit right on your beloved pastel贸n. For good measure I had Taco Bell before this. Let the explosions begin."

Remember How I Rocked Your World?

"Aye que tal mother f*cker? Just wanted to let you know that this body is now rockin' someone else's world."

Hard Shell Tacos

"Because you ain't real. You're as fake as a hard shell taco. Get outta here with your fake ass."
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Lmao 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀 I can't stop laughing....Ur crazy and I love it!
LOL NOOOOOO omg @alywoah. I can't even with this. Amazing.
Love this! So funny
Hahha yess! @MadAndrea
@alywoah It's so much funnier when I'm dating a Latino and get this all! I like all your posts about dating Latinos cause they're always spot on. They've definitely got quirks