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The Bet

Today was taking a turn for the best! G-Dragon and I are hanging out today, he's coming to pick me up in 2 hours. I skip into the hotel room with a big smile on my face. Sehun walks in behind me with his hands in his pockets and a blank expression. Emily, behind him, is dragging her feet, half awake. I haven't seen G-Dragon for two years so I'm quite happy at the moment. I twirl and sit on the couch next to Luhan. "Are you feeling better?" He puts his hand on my leg and I look at him with a smile on my face, "Yes, Thanks for asking." Luhan smiles and he looks at Sehun who is resting his chin on his hands at the kitchen table. Luhan gets up and goes over and sits next to Sehun. Emily has crashed onto yhr floor with her behind up in the air. I take a pillow, lift her head up, and place it underneath. Kaela comes out of the room and I smile at her and she gives me a dirty look, I laugh under my breath and look at the game Baekhyun is playing. Call of Duty, Hmm, he seemed like a Modern Warfare kinda guy to me. I could easily school him in this game. Baekhyun noticed that I was watching him play, "Would you like to play?" He smiled, "Are you sure you want to get schooled by a girl?" The other guys oohed, and Baekhyun gave a defiant expression, "Ha, Let's make a bet shall we." I got up and grabbed a controller and sat next to Baekhyun. "What's the bet?" I turned on my controller and looked at him. Baekhyun gave a look like he had a trick up his sleeve, "If I win, You have to go on a date with me." Umm, what, I'll win anyway so it'll be fine. I nodded, "and if I win?" He looked at me and contemplated, "If you win, I'll become your Servant or whatever you call it, for a whole month. " Really? Wow, this will be easier than I thought. I nodded and shook hands with Baekhyun, "It's on." Sehun and Luhan came over and sat on the floor next to Xiumin who was rocking side to side cover his mouth with his sweater sleeves.           I'm in the lead by one point, with only a minute left in the match. I wipe my forhead and sit on the edge of the couch. I hear a knock on the door and take my eyes off the TV for a second. Tao gets up and opens the door, "G-Dragon? What are you doing here? I mean, Hi, come in," Tao stands to the side to let G-Dragon in. I do a small wave and look back at the TV. The clock at 30 seconds left and I smiled, "How do you feel about wearing a maids dress?" Still paying attention to the game he said, "Where would you like to eat?" and shot my person in the head. A headshot, way to end the round. Wait, I lost, oh no.... I looked at Baekhyun and sighed, Chanyeol spoke up, "I would've liked seeing him in a Maids uniform." Baekhyun shot him a dirty look and Chabyeoul laughed. I got up and stretched, Baekhyun did the same thing but then gave me a side hug. I rolled my eyes, "Can we talk about the details later tonight? I have plans to be with G-Dragon all day." Baekhyun smiled that square smile,"Alright, see you then. Boop!" He booped me on the nose,  Did he just boop me on the nose? I shrugged it off and walked over to G-Dragon, I stepped over Emily who was snoring. "Are you ready?" G-Dragon gave me a hug and I smiled, "Yeep." He opened the door and I walked out and he followed and closed the door from behind him.


We sat infront of an ice cream shop on a bench. We both decided that getting ice cream sounded like a good idea. I kicked my legs back and forth, "Geez, what coincidence, meeting eachother after so long." I smiled and licked my ice cream, G was almost half way done with his, "What are you doing here anyway?" I stopped kicking my legs and looks at the ground, "A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity." He looked at me with a confused expression. I sighed, "I'm a pick me up," I make my fingers do air quotes to show emphasis on pick me up. "What's that?" G said finishing the last bit of his icecream. "You know how Kris left and how EXO became sad and what not? Well, this guy approached me at Walmart- a big store where you can buy food and other necessities, and asked me if I wanted to go to South Korea to make them happy, I thought it was kinda weird at first but I'm  glad I took the chance, I mean meeting you again just makes it even better" I smiled and looked  at my icecream, it was melting and dripping on the asphalt below us. I looked at G, he was staring at me, "Are you ok G?" He smiled, "I'm more than OK," he started to lean in and my icecream smashed onto the asphalt. --- Kaelas P.O.V           I stood infront of the fridge, "Man, there's nothing to eat." I looked around and I saw D.O. giving me a weird expression "What?" I asked, he cleared his throat, "There's plenty to eat." I sighed, "I know, just nothing I want." I decided to snack on a bag of chips and went back to my room and sat on the bed. I looked at my phone        4 Text Messages From Del...   5:37PM I sighed, maybe I'm being too harsh. No, she new Kris was my bias and that I wanted the main role, she just had to swoop in and steal the limelight. I threw my phone towards the end of the bed, "You know what?" I stood up, "Since she stole my bias, I'm going to steal hers." I walked into the living room and found Sehun sitting on the couch watching Baekhyun play COD. I smirked and walked up behind him and leaned on the couch, "Hi Hunnie." He gave me a glance out of the side of his eye, "Hi..." I smiled a devious smile, "We should hang out today!" He turned to face me, "and do what exactly?" I tapped my chin and thought for a second,  "How about we watch some movies?" He looked back at the TV, "Why not?" He smiled and stood up. My plan is falling into place, silly "Hunnie". I grabbed his hand and smiled, "Should we go to a nearby theatre?" He shook his head, "We have a personal one here." I gave a surprised look, "That's really cool! We should watch some horror movies." I saw Hunnie puff out his chest, " Yah, Horror movies, sounds great! Not even scared one bit." I laughed, "Great because I get scared easily so i need a strong man to keep me safe." I stokedhis hand and he plushed, "Uhh, the area is down the hall to the right, we should start walking..." I smiled, "Good idea." Karma is a 계집. (Ok so I'm writing the new chptr of 50SOB so I decided to upload these so atleast I uploaded something today xD)           
When are you going to finish the BTS fanfic?!??
Yes this is just getting SO GOOD with every update😆😆
so good
@Mercii Thank you! by the way I love these stories! So intense
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