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Happy Holidays everyone! Since today is exactly a week from Christmas, I thought it was about time I sent some Vinglers A Holiday Card. If you'd like to send your homies a card-- feel free to follow @danidee's instructions <<HERE>>
This one goes out to my dear friends -- @ButterflyBlu @danidee @InPlainSight @RaquelArredondo and all my other homies on Vingle.

First off, thanks for making me smile.

Because smiling's my favorite.

Second, thank you for appreciating my weird puns.

When I make a pun instead of saying, "hay, stop that!" you're all "I don't carrot all!" (those are reindeer treats incase you missed my joke)

Thanks for talking real with me and discussing big issues.

We are as real as Destiny's Child-- ain't no scrubs here!

Whatever you are celebrating this year, I hope you are celebrating with friends and loved ones.

Happy Holidays!

Thank you @RaquelArredondo :) I just watched Elf last night, and his happiness was my inspiration XD
Awww yay!! Beautiful card! My favorite ^^