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(This is just a filler chapter but it's still sad
It has been a month and two weeks since the first day of school. Jakyung and I have finally gotten used to the fact that we didn't have as many classes together like we did last year. We talked as much as possible. I miss her and I hate the fact that I am stuck with Hyun-Eui in most of my classes. And we have to sit next to each other since our last names are close to each other. Hers being Kan and mine is Kim. I try my best to ignore her but she just keeps flirting with me. It's starting to annoy me. Now, jakyung and I are walking to my apartment. "So how was your day?" I ask. "It was uneventful." She pouts. "I miss you, dude." She whines, pouting dramatically now. "I miss you too." I blush and chuckle. We round the corner and head to my apartment door. I take out my key and start to unlock the door. "Well, I'll see you tomorrow morning." She smiles, starting to walk down the stairs. "Yeah, bye." I mutter, waving goodbye to her. I walk in the apartment and place my keys in the key bowl by my door. I put my backpack in a chair and sit down, taking out my books. I start to do my homework. A couple hours later, I finished doing my homework. I sit up and rub my eyes, yawning slightly. Then there is a roar of thunder. I jump slightly and walk to the window. I open the curtains to see its raining extremely hard and it's dark outside. I must have been working for a while. I walk over to my couch and lay down, reaching for the remote. I watch T.V. for a bit, getting bored again. I'm switching through channels when I stop on the news, a certain story catching my eye. "Good Evening. I am Eun Chung-Ja with the Channel Six Nightly News. And I am here today to report on a house fire that caused the death of an older woman. Our sources have yet to figure out who the victim was but they have found out that the victim has a young daughter around the age of 17-18. She has yet to be found. If you see a mysterious teenage girl in your neighborhood, please call our number......" She drones on but I can't hear what she says. I gulp and breathe heavily.....where was this house located? I looked at the bottom of the screen to see the address. I gasp and jump up, grabbing my jacket. As I open the door, I see a figure standing in my doorway; duffel bag in hand. Lighting strikes; highlighting her features. Jakyung..... "Jakyung-ah?" I whisper, unsure. "Hey, Taehyung-oppa....." She muses, her breezy tone sounding strained. "What's wrong? What happened? Was that your..... that was your...." I couldn't finished the sentence, in fear of upsetting her. " can say that I have run across some bad luck." She rubs the back of her neck. She chuckles slightly, rubbing the back of her neck. Then her eyes glazed slightly, her facial features going blank. I dropped my jacket and held out my arms; catching her as she fell. Jakyung fainted......
@OliviaZenger I'm writing the next chapter right now!
noo cliff hanger! I really like this i can't wait for more!😊
Oh man it may be filler but still plot twist
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