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I'm a Manager? ㅇBTS Pathsㅇ Part 3

First off I wanted to apologize for not posting the third part. I had finals this week so I couldn't open Vingle. Here's part 3 Enjoy. * Y/RM stands for Your Roommate 😊 Below are the revealed presents.
"Please come on. Please draw a long stick," you mumble to Y/RM. "I got this don't worry we won't be stuck making the cake. I always win," he smirks at you. Then all the sticks are drawn and you and Y/RM end up with the shortest stick out of the other three pairs. "You win all the time huh," you tease. "Ah Miss. Manager we'll make a great cake," he reassures you. The rest of the boys leave the house, and you're left alone with Y/RM to bake the cake. You gather up the ingredients and you start baking. You don't notice that he's watching every movement you make. When you make the frosting you decide that just a little sample won't hurt. Right? You take a small spoon and you eat a small piece not noticing the small frosting that ends up escaping your lips. "It tastes pretty good Y/RM. Come try!" He comes closer to you and licks the frosting on the side of your lip. "You're right, it does taste pretty good. Hey, Miss. Manager why are you turning pink. Catching a fever," he teases. You look down and decide that you need to get out of this situation as quickly as possible. "I need to go to the restroom," you quickly mumble and leave the kitchen. When you enter your bedroom you notice a box of chocolates and a sweet note from your admirer. "Ah I shouldn't have run out, I'm supposed to take care of him. I'm his manager. Oh! I'll just share these chocolates with him, and it should be ok..." "Hey Y/RM so I have some chocolate and I was wondering if you would eat them with me..?" Y/RM eyes widen when he notices what you're holding and then a half smile escapes from his lips. "Sure. I'd love to...but first tell me how it tastes." You open the box of chocolates and take a bite. Just as you're about to finish the chocolate you feel someone's lip press against yours. "Y/N you're even more delicious than the chocolate and you're all mine to savor..."
"This should be in the lesson and so should this. You were having fun choosing what to teach them in English. Whether or not they were good at English they surprisingly also enjoyed it. Today it was your Y/RM's turn to get a little bit of tutoring. These days you've been pulling all nighters with the boys due to their packed schedule. And that was the reason why your vision started to blur and your eyes began to close. You got up to stretch and went to make yourself some coffee to stay awake for a few more hours. When you return there is a rose lying on top of the English lesson. You pick it up and the scent is beautiful. You go back to the kitchen and grab a little cup filled with water to place the rose in. After going through two coffee cups, you're ready to teach the English lesson. "Hey Y/RM ready to get an English lesson in real quick?" "Yeah sure maybe in a few minutes Miss.Manager," he replies. "I need to beat my high score on this game." "Boys," you say as you roll your eyes. Then you turn to face the rose to make sure it was ok. "Wait something fell off from of it. How could I be so stupid to not see it," you mumble to yourself. You pick up a tiny note and it says turn to Lesson 3. "Oh is this like my schooldays," you giggle. You turn to lesson 3 and in the corner it says turn to chapter 1. So you turn to chapter 1 and it states, Silly playing a game like this, turn to page 6. You turn to page 6 and inside it is another rose and a short poem. But this time the rose is fake. I won't stop loving you until all the roses die. You start giggling and your cheeks blush a light pink. This was too cute and the poem was a cheesy cliche. You hear the sound of the door click and lock. You turn around and come face to face with Y/RM. He looks over your shoulder and sees the roses. He looks back at your red face, and smirks. "If it's that easy to get you to blush and look this cute," he says inching closer, "I don't want anyone to see...except me. English Lesson canceled, it's my turn to teach you..."
You were so tired and proud. The boys were amazing at their concert but since there were no chairs left for you to sit, you stood most of the time and watched from behind smiling. They looked amazing, no fantastic, no just perfect up there. It was a dream to watch your idols perform and you weren't a fan, no you were walking with them, and living with them. Wait. You were still their biggest fan out there. As soon as you got home your whole body felt wrecked. You dragged yourself to your room and there in the corner of your side was a large teddy bear. You went up to it and saw a note attached. You noticed that the bear was large enough to hold you so you sat in front of the bear and let its arm wrap you from behind. It was too soft and you were drifting off to sleep. You had so much left to do, but your body was not responding. "Miss Manager...Hey...Y/N...? It's your turn. Dang she looks adorable sleeping in that corner with the bear. I want to be that bear...Hey Y/N!" You jolt up and you look towards who is calling you. It's Y/RM and he's out of the shower. " Oh he's out of the shower I guess that's nice," you mumble to yourself. "Wait what he's out of the shower." You jump up quickly and you end up stumbling because of the sudden movement. It wasn't enough to stumble and fall in front of him, your cheeks quickly flushed after you finally noticed him topless. You finally were able to stand, and you get up to leave so he can change. "I'll shower after you finish dressing Y/RM," you say as you leave the door. Then you feel his arms wrap around your waist from behind. "I never said to leave...did I?" You turn around to face him but it's a mistake. Your whole face turns a deeper shade of crimson red. "You know I forgot to grab my phone. I'll head out first," you say trying to find words. "Oh well...I can't let you go. That face you're making is irresistible and I don't want anyone to see it, he says as he turns the lock. "You're mine tonight Y/N," he whispers in your ears.
"Hurry Miss. Manager were leaving for the photo shoot," they all yell from the door. "I'm coming I just need to grab my bag." You go to grab your bag and notice that there's a necklace attacked to it with a tiny note: I now bestow upon you this gift, can you find its perfect fit? Wait what there was only half of the necklace and the other half is missing. "Oh I have to go now," you say as you run outside. While the boys are at the photo shoot you try to look around for whoever has the other half. But it wasn't as simple as it sounded. They were all wearing chains. You stared at everyone of the guys one at a time trying to make out what was attached to their chains. And every time you did that one of the boys would catch your eye contact and make a flirty gesture. In the end you ended up with no luck. "Well a secret admirer is a secret I guess," you say bummed out as you return home. "Hey Miss.Manager lets play Hide and Seek. We haven't done anything fun these past weeks with the concerts and photo shoots happening." What's the harm? They deserved it anyways. "Sure I'm coming," you say. "Ok you have to hide quickly." You start looking for a good place to hide when something catches your eyes. It's a chain and it has the second half of your necklace. "Ok it's a closet so I can hide there and make sure that the chain matches my other half." You tiptoe over and you hide in the dark closet, close it, and try to grab the chain. "Ouch. That hurts Y/N." You adjust your eyes to the dark and find that someone else is hiding in the closet. "Oh sorry Y/RM I didn't know anyone was in here...and about your neck sorry I was...looking for something precious to me and I thought I saw it." You slowly turn around so you can exit the closet without giving away Y/RM's hiding spot. "Hey. We can always hide together. Wait I hear someone," he says as he grabs you and hides you with him in the corner. As soon as the footsteps disappear, you attempt to pull away from Y/RM's tight hug. "I'm not letting you escape." You giggle and look at his face expecting to see a sarcastic Y/RM. Instead you met eyes with a serious Y/RM. "You looked at everyone during the photo shoot Miss. Manager. Am I not enough," he complains to you. "That precious thing you tugged around my the other half of your necklace...or our necklace. It was supposed to be found faster...You couldn't find it because you didn't focus on me enough during the photo shoot. Aiiiisshhhhh guess I'll just have to show you that you need to look at me only Y/N..." Below are different types of deserts and since it's the holidays I decided to go with a peppermint sweets. Choose one 🤗
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#5 Pepermint Hot Chocolate
Oh god they all look so good! I pick.... Number 3 which is the cute marshmallow thingy ❤️😁
Number 2!!
@sarahdarwish 😂😂👍🏻
😂😂🙈 @kimberlyr Makes me proud
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