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Konami officially put up a notice that they're hiring for a "New Metal Gear" project. So, I proceeded to give my current job (Administrative Assistant at Office [dot] BIZ) my two weeks notice and try to add something into the video game world by being the next guy who takes Metal Gear through the stars and skies.
I am a writer after all, I'd ace this thing. Below you can read what I would do with the series, But I'm more interested in what you guys would do, so make sure to sound off in the comments!
First off, Solid Snake would be young again because Old Snake reminds me of my dad and me and my dad are just like, maybe, okay we have a pretty good relationship but I don't want to be thinking about my dad while I'm playing video games, you know what I mean? Like, is that what your life is about? Thinkin' about your dad when you play your favorite game?
I wonder how my dad is doing. Maybe I'd keep Old Snake just 'cause he reminds me of my dad. And it'll about Old Snake and his son. And how his son went into the wrong profession, as in he didn't follow his dad's footsteps. But his dad accepts him anyway. But throughout the game you notice that there's a rift between the two. With Old Snake being a weird spy all the time and Kid Snake always drawing and sketching in his moleskine.
You'd have to figure out what happened to their relationship. Why are they so far apart? How did Dad Snake being at work all the time affect Paul Snake. And why, now, does he still feel this divide even though they're both adults. And you'll have to deal with Dad Snake going the surgeries because he's getting sick and Paul Snake will have to learn how to make amends with his father because he knows how much they argue from time to time.
And he's really sorry that he has a hot temper but I got it from you dad and I know I don't call enough but I don't want you to think I forgot about you. And I know you wouldn't be at work so much if you didn't feel like you needed to provide for us, there's a lot of strength in that. I just missed out on playing catch or talking or working on cars or anything else I saw on television that Fathers and Sons did together. I just wish we had more time to hang out you know, as contemporaries instead of parent and child.
Fuck. Maybe I should call my dad. I'm going to go call my dad.
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:( I should call my dad too