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Haruhi Fujioka- Dealing with Tamaki Senpai and the others isn't a easy job and it obviously doesn't come with benefits. But you need unconditional love and care in order to be able to survive one day with all of them, and good thing Haruhi has a lot of it to go around. She's #1 on this Anime nice list.
Asuna Yukki- She will sacrifice her life to save the one she loves and put herself through unbearable pain to protect what she believes in. She is a kick-ass fighter and stays true to herself and won't let anyone change that. Keep on Rocking Asuna.
Lucy Heartfilia- When it comes to Fairy Tail and its guide members she is definitely the sweetest by far. When dealing with Natsu or Gray she manages to keep her cool and keep everything under control. She can even hold her on when needed. You can always depend on her to help you up if you fall. On the nice list you go!
Last but not Least....
Winry Rockbell- The toughest engineer ever, a kind spirit no doubt about it, but sometimes things get to tough, when facing the one who murdered her parents she couldn't even begin to pull the trigger. The feels will hit you hard when you find out just how kind and sweet she truly is.
Feel like I missed someone? Or included someone I shouldn't have? Feel free to post a pic or comment a name down below. c:
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that and honey senpai, hinata from haikyuu, Rika from kuroko from dealing with the basketball team and mostly all white haired anime characters cause they need love too
Yes I totally agree with Haruhi and Lucy!
Italy from hetalia should be on the list
I really like and wholeheartedly agree with those who made it to this list.
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