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I took a brief break from Vingling this week but I'm back for my regularly scheduled recap of my picks from new releases. AND OMG DO WE HAVE SOME EXCEPTIONAL TEA BREWING IN THE K-HIPHOP WORLD RIGHT NOW. So children, take a sip while we get to all that.


We're gonna start it off nice and slow with this chill Christmas number featuring my lil wrecker, Babylon ♥Putting the sexy back in Christmas songs for sure.


I was muttering OMG YES throughout this entire video..... HYORIN BAE? YAS. BUMKEY, YOU SAY? HELL YAS! JOOYOUNG?? F*CK YASSS!!! ♥ So good....so f*cking good. I'm in love with this release!

까꾸 (kkakku) - Love Me (Feat. 최낙타) 

Such a chill smooth song....dunno who this guy is or anything about him but I love this. Definitely worth a listen.


She's lovely and I felt so dumb.....I had no idea she was under YG....but anyway this was awesome. A low key release compared to other YG releases which is kind of refreshing.


This MV was a TRIP.....as for the song, this track is part of a remake project by producer team, Kim Do Hoon and PJ, called Project Return. Choa definitely has some vocal chops.


This live performance was errythang. I'm living for Daehyun's freckles and Yongguk's shotty aegyo ♡♡


I love me some Dope'Doug. He's got that slow melodic type flow that rubs my ear drums just so. I've been waiting for an album from him for awhile now and he finally released this mini! I almost forgot how much I love D.Meanor's vocals ♥ definitely my favorite off the album.


Ooooweeeee Cheetah's claws came out in this track....she's a beast. Now people are speculating who the lyrics are aimed toward....some say Jessi....others say Truedy and Yezi. I, myself, just know MAMA TURNED IT OUT.
Now here we go about this last track.....imma give you what I've come to understand regarding the shitstorm surrounding this next song..... Here's the sitch, there has long been this supposed "beef" between Beenzino and Jay....notice Jay and Zino are rarely photographed together and as far as I've heard Jay has never featured with Zino on a track which I always found odd. Other K-hiphop junkies have said this was because Jay had "dated" Beenzino's current girlfriend, Stephanie Michova back when and it caused some friction. Most of the rumors about her had no evidence....supposedly she had an affair with Danny Im aka Danny From LA. She was also rumored to have dated Dumbfounded as well. And others have accused her of being a social climber among other things. To tell you the truth, I wasn't sold on all the rumors surrounding her. And I still don't have a definitive opinion about the girl.


Okay....Insert this track....peeps have assumed that this song is about Stephanie and fans did some digging to find out if there's any truth to it. Well, you know how that goes....you get a bunch of Kpoppers digging for details and they uncover EVERYTHING. Basically, they found out she was married....Tweets from her hubby, Facebook posts congratulating her on her 3 year wedding anniversary. I swear Kpoppers uncover more dirt than the FBI. No word on whether she's still currently married to the guy or what their status is because the tweets are nearly a year old. Now Jay made a statement saying that the song was not about any particular person....
Then enter the MVP, Cha Cha. He's my hero right now. Check out his tweet below....
How's that for subtle? Now Stephanie is blocking anyone asking questions or making comments related to the song on her social media. Beenzino has yet to comment on the matter and I highly doubt he would even want to.
Honestly THIS MADE MY ENTIRE YEAR. I don't need my yearly K-drama fix because it's all right here. Some of y'all out there putting in your two cents on the matter are savage but I'm sitting back sipping my tea and enjoying the show.
So anyway....TMI for those of you who aren't down with the drama....but I had to share and I'm too lazy to make a separate card. Hope y'all enjoyed the releases this week. See you for Sunday Slow Jams ♥
all those rumors are false about jay and beenzino. beenzino was supposed to be featured in jay's worldwide song with quiett and dok2 but both quiett and dok2 had said that you have to stay on beenzino to do something but jay being that the type of person he is didn't it so when it come to record the song beenzino wasn't on it. and also beenzino I has apologize to jay for not being on his album and said that him and jay would do a song together in the near future(sorry I forgot the name of the program). so the "beef" between jay and beenzino is absolutate unless I misunderstood the whole thing then I don't know what I'm talking about. and I know I'm late for this
@CreeTheOtaku lmaoooo perfect reaction. And yassss Love Line is perfection!!! ♡
Jay Park yes
@PassTheSuga is it wrong I was like that one cat in the puss n boots movie when I heard 2nd thots
Love line doe... it was so good I got it on repeat on soundcloud
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