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Dances pretty well dontcha think? ❀️
He carved a trail of swag. Seriously though I love when BTS shows off but it's even more of a treat when Suga does it because it's so rare compared to the others. I kinda wish Hobi's mic pack didn't fall because this clip woulda been 10x hotter. But obviously it was Suga's time to shine🌟🌟🌟
I honestly think YoonGi is highly underrated as not only a rapper but also as a dancer! I don't think he gets enough time in the spotlight to show everybody what he's really capable of. πŸ˜”
can we just take a moment for sugas legs at the end
this is great!!!! thanks for the tag! man his smile gets me all the time.
he is the cutest thing ever. it makes me happy to see him so excited especially when it comes to dancing. I think he is the cutest thing ever when he dances β™‘ gooooooooooo suga
@staceyholley yes omfg they always put him to the side and he gets cut off in cameras or they forget him in shows. But he's so good! Don't let me get started about ciphers. Tbh I never thought he had such a big fanbase because we see so little of him...until this comeback and everyone was in an uproar (understandably) about his hair and stuff. I always thought I was like fan 1 of 10 lmao
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