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Happy Star Wars Day! Here's a throwback from May 25, 1977 when the first Star Wars movie was released. It's pretty crazy to think that fans looked like that back in the day. Actually, they look pretty similar now, just with tighter pants. So far, Star Wars: the Force Awakens has grossed over $100 Million in a Day... the force must be strong with this one.

I'm going to see the movie tonight. Who else is going?!

@ButterflyBlu WOW!!! The force was with them. That's great 😀
My parents were there this first night and it was their first date... a blind date. Isn't that incredible? They were married three months later and they're still married today. The Force was totally with them!! 💙
@geewhiz @nicolejb thanks!! Yeah, the entire franchise is pretty special to our family. The fact that my brother works at NASA now is kind of incredible. Lol. 😃💙
That is the CUTEST story @ButterflyBlu I didn't realize they went to see star wars together. it must be a special movie for them!
I went by a movie theater last night, and the line looked exactly the same as in the picture above. The theater was a 24 theater cinema and Star Wars was being shown in all except 3, which was playing other movies. I'm going Wednesday. Enjoy the movie and May The Force Be With You....
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