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Can someone recommend some anime to me? I've watched(still watching) and liked: (These are the ones I can remember from the top of my head) Shugo Chara Fruits Basket Fairy Tail Tokyo Ghoul No Game No Life Kaichou wa Maid sama One Piece Soul Eater Kimini Todoke Kuroko no Basket Haikyuu Lovely Complex Death Note Little Monster Blue Exorcist Noragami Peach Attack on Titan K Skip Beat Ouran High School Host Club Special A Slam Dunk Case Closed(Detective Konan) Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
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Squid Girl
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Salior Moon
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Sao( Sward Art Online)
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I just started watching parasite. awesome anime worth watching plus I think if you watch anime on chrunchyroll all the commercials they have will give you a lot of ideas to watch
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Show by Rock Zetsuen no Tempest
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