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Hey guys sorry for not making the anime character comparison card yesterday I've been crazy busy with all the holiday crap, and then my aunts got like six months left to live. I don't it's just been freaking crazy in my house. Anyway guys today I will be doing Kirito from sword art online and Otanashi Yuzuru from Angel beats!!!πŸ™‚ Well let's get started shall we?😊
So as I have done with previous cards I'll start with personality!! Kirito and Otanashi have a really kind personality. They both will go out of their way to help their friends and help them good and bad times. Not only that but they did something amazing for their friends Kirito cleared Sao and Otanashi helped his friends go back to the real world just like Kirito did only Otanashi made their dreams come true not kill a boss.
So as I said above they both helped their friends well meeting someone they would die for Kirito met Asuna and Otanashi met Kanadae. They helped them do what they thought they couldn't do.
Otanashi made a promise to Kanadae that he would get them out of there and make everyone's dreams come true so they could leave. And in episode three of Sao Kirito told Sachi that he would clear this game and he would fight to the end. They both kept their promises and they said it them selves they would never let go of the promise.
And that are only some of the reasons why I chose to compare them!! Anyway guys thank so much for reading you guys seem to really like the weekly cards I have been doing😊 sorry for not updating last week like I said it's been kinda crazy tomorrow I'll do anime reviews and then Sunday of course will be Japanese music.
Anyway bye guys!!! Love you all thank you for reading happy holidays!!!!!πŸ˜˜πŸ˜‰