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Ok, Mina-San!! Next up in the Decision December fights, we have the two most unemotional, contemptuous, and seriously badass brothers in anime! Give it up for InuYasha's half-brother, full-demon, Sesshomaru; and Rukia's adopted brother, Squad 6 Captain, Byakuya Kuchiki!
*Remember to go all the way through the pics, as they may give you a better idea of abilities!


Sesshomaru is InuYasha's full-demon half brother. The son of two Higher Dog Demons, Sesshomaru is extremely disdainful of his half-brother. The two attempt to kill each other at almost every meeting. Their father left the two brothers each a sword made from his fangs. Sesshomaru receives the sword Tenseiga 'the sword of life', which cannot cut any beings from this world. Its power lies in its ability to kill foes from the afterlife and resurrect the dead. Sesshomaru sees this as a terrible disadvantage, and is incredibly furious when InuYasha takes possession of what he considers the superior weapon, Tetsusaiga, the 'sword of destruction'. In the attempt to gain a weapon superior to Tetsusaiga, he takes on the demon-sword, Tokijin, forged from the fangs of many demons and containing all of their hatred and demonic energy. Tokijin was broken during a fight with Magatsuhi; and Tenseiga was reforged into a weapon. It achieved the ability to open portals to the Netherworld. This ability was later given back to Tetsusaiga. When Sesshomaru finally ceased his obsessive pursuit of Tetsusaiga and had learned compassion for humans, his arm, which InuYasha had removed, regenerated and with it a new sword, Bakusaiga. This weapon enables Sesshomaru to infect any flesh with a caustic substance that remains and destroys anything that attempts to touch or re-acquire that flesh.
Seshomaru also has the ability to change into a giant dog demon, due to his full demon status. His powers in this form are immense.


Poison Claws (PIC 5): Sesshomaru has the ability to coat his claws in an intense poison that disintegrates whatever it touches.
Light Whip (PIC 1, 4) : A whip of light Sesshomaru creates from his hands, easily killing groups of people and demons.
Flight: self explanatory
Teleportation: Sesshomaru can only use this ability after transforming into an orb of light. As such, it is used for traveling long distances or as a last ditch effort to retreat.
Daiyokai Form (PIC 2,3): This is Sesshomaru's true demonic form. He appears as a giant dog demon. He gains strength and speed in this form, though loses some agility. His fangs take on the caustic effects of his poison claws.
Spiritual Cut: The most basic ability of this sword is that it has power cut entities that are not of the living world. A side effect of having this ability is that Tenseiga is unable to harm living beings. As such, Sesshōmaru tended at first to regard it as virtually useless, though his opinion of it changed significantly as time progressed.
◾ Resurrection: As described above, this ability is to cut spiritual beings and thus resurrect the dead. When wielding Tenseiga, Sesshomaru can see the imps that take the souls away, and can kill them, resurrecting the person. However, this can only be used once per individual.
◾ Purification: Tenseiga is also said to be able to resurrect 100 dead individuals at once by releasing an enormous pillar of light.
◾ Protective Barrier: In extreme cases, the Tenseiga can also protect Sesshōmaru from potentially lethal attacks by emitting a black mist-like barrier.
◾ Meido Zangetsuha (Former) (PIC 6, 10): Creates semi-circular cuts in the fabric of the real world, exposing the Netherworld. Can be used to suck in enemies. Given back to Inuyasha and Tetsusaiga.
Tokijin (former):
◾ Immense Demonic Aura: possesses an intense demonic aura of hatred from Goshinki. The aura was strong enough posses and consume any who wielded it that had a lesser demonic aura. Sesshomaru claimed Tokijin due to his overwhelming demonic energy.
◾ Energy Attacks: Extremely powerful blasts of evil energy,
◾ Protective Barrier: When struck into the ground, Tōkijin can create barrier that would eradicate anything that comes into contact with it.
◾ Needle Energy Blast: Originally the energy blasts of Tokijin took the form of small, needle-like energy shards that Sesshomaru fires off the tip of the sword without having to slash it.
◾ Blue Energy Wave: Sesshōmaru later developed the ability to fire energy blasts from the sword that were comparable to the Wind Scar in size and power.
◾ Green Energy Sphere: Sesshōmaru also demonstrated the ability to fire energy spheres from the blade.
Bakusaiga (PIC 7, 8, 9):Bakusaiga is Sesshōmaru's current signature weapon. Bakusaiga manifested itself in the hand of Sesshōmaru's fully regenerated left arm during his battle with Magatsuhi. Its creation signified Sesshōmaru's graduation into a full-fledged daiyōkai, which had long been compromised by his obsession with Tetsusaiga. Bakusaiga ultimately served as the product of his 'rite of passage'.
◾ Decomposition: The energy produced by Bakusaiga has an extremely corrosive effect on organic matter, which lingers long after then end of the attack, causing anything that touches it to also disintegrate.
◾ Explosive Corrosion Wave: Sesshomaru can fire off the decomposition ability of Bakusaiga as an explosive energy wave that can slay thousands of demons in one slash. .

Byakuya Kuchiki

Byakuya is the Captain of the 6th Squad of the Gotei 13 in the Soul Society. As such, he has proven himself to be extremely powerful and fiercely loyal to the Soul Society. At first, he acts extremely dismissive and contemptuous of his foster sister, Rukia, not showing any distress at her execution. It is later revealed that he cares for her deeply and has a hard time showing his emotions. Like all Soul Reapers, Byakuya possesses a Zanpakto, a sword made by the owners soul. Byakuya's Zanpakto is called Senbonzakura (Knife-Like Cherry Blossoms)


Flash-Step: An enhanced ability only acquired by soul reapers of high ability. Allows user to move faster than the eye can follow.
Senka: An attack where the user flanks their opponent and severs their Saketsu and Hakusui, leaving them unable to access their spiritual energy. This is one of Byakuya's favorite attacks, possibly due to its elegance and bloodlessness.
Master Swordsman and Tactician: Byakuya is considered a genius swordsman and is able to expertly calculate a fight and evaluate both his and his opponents abilities. He almost never shows any stress or emotion in battle and is extremely well attuned to his own limits.
Kido: Incredibly highly skilled in Kido spells, Byakuya can use up to level 81 Kido without incantation or seeming effort. He can also use many in quick succession. He is also very proficient at manipulating low-level Kido to achieve large effects.
Extreme endurance and durability: He is able to fight for long periods of time and appears to be able to take hits without much damage, at least for a time.
Immense Spiritual Pressure: The effect of Byakuya's spiritual pressure can be felt at great distances and instills fear in those that feel it.

Zanpakto Abilities

Senbonzakura usually manifests as a plain Katana, unless its abilities are released by Byakuya with the following forms.
Shikai (PIC 2): Senbonzakura's Shikai is released with the command 'Scatter'. This causes it to dissolve into thousands of near-invisible petal-shaped blades, leaving only the hilt in Byakuya's hand. Swinging the hilt, Byakuya can manipulate these blades, effectively creating a 'storm' of small blades to attack an enemy. It can also be used as a defense, creating a barrier around Byakuya to deflect blows. Byakuya had a small circular area around him when his blade is released, providing him with a space between himself and the thousands of blades. Bankai (PIC 3, 4, 5, 6): "Senbonzakura Kageyoshi" a much larger version of the Shikai. Byakuya drops his sword straight down and the sword vanishes into the ground. Ripples expand out from the area and a thousand giant sword blades rise on either side of Byakuya. These blades then scatter like Senbonzakura's Shikai. No one can dodge or even see the movements of these blades. The number of blades is great enough that it can be used simultaneously for offense and defense. Byakuya commonly forms them into large masses to obliterate opponents instantaneously. Unlike the Shikai, the Bankai is mentally controlled, but using his hands Byakuya can make the blades increase in speed threefold. Bankai typically have multiple abilities, and Senbonzakura is no exception:
Senkei (PIC 7): Senbonzakura's true form. Abandoning defense for incredible offense, the scattered thousands of blades from the Bankai are formed back into 4 rows of thousands of swords, circling around Byakuya and his opponent, making escape impossible. All of the blades can scatter back to the petal-shape, and can all be used simultaneously and with the same power.
Gōkei: Increases the number of blades innumerable. These form a sphere around the opponent and collapse in on them, leaving no blind spots, and almost instantly obliterating them. When used, it completely obliterated a very large building from the inside out, and the resulting shockwave generated by the attack forced Byakuya himself to Flash Step away.
Shūkei-Hakuteiken (PIC 8): Forms all of the Bankai's blades into one sword, creating a blade with incredibly devastating power. Spiritual energy coats the blade and forms pure white wings on Byakuya's back, which can be used for flight.
Ok, Mina-San! I hope I've given you enough to think about! Time to vote for who you think would beat the other in a fight! Voting ends at 12:15 AM, Dec 22, 2015.
Al~right! Nice choices! Prediction: Sesshomaru Fight: With the Tenseiga, Sesshomaru can bring back the dead... Byakuya is, as a Shinigami and resident of the Soul Society, dead. One cut from the sword and boom, he's a living person again. Now, what would that do to his powers? Dunno. Ichigo usually leaves his physical body when he does his Soul Reaper thing, so I'm not sure if he -can't- use his power in physical form, or just doesn't. Regardless, Anyway, I feel that with the Tenseiga, as a human, Byakuya would then be vulnerable to any and all of Sesshomaru's demonic attacks. Sesshomaru has a huuuuge advantage in this fight. Now, with that being said, Byakuya has experience fighting the "demons" of his world, the Hollow (pretty close comparison). His techniques are centered around dispatching these creatures, so he would definitely give Sesshomaru a run for his money, but ultimately I think Sesshomaru would win.
Strength wise, I would say Sesshomaru. BUT over all I would say Byakuya wins. His abilities are far more versatile. His reaction speed is mere milliseconds, and in that time he can use shunpo to get away from Sesshomarus sword. And Senbonzakura has no range limit, as long as Byakuya knows where his enemy is, Senbonzakura is dangerous. He could use bakudos to bind Sesshomaru as well, or fire off high level hados. Over all, even though Sesshomarus dog form (treating the dog form as a bankai, sort of) is definitely something to be reckoned with, I think Lord Kuchiki has it
this is a hard one but I think sesshomaru will win
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