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This Fiiiiine specimen is my Celeb crush/ future husband..Casey Affleck. (He may not know it yet... but i'll send you all an invite to the reception)LOL
I am SINGLE...but i like to call it "married to the Moscato".. lets face it, Wine makes ya feel all warm and fuzzy inside AND it doesn't talk back ;)
My most romantic memory is NON-EXISTENT!! My exes have been horrible But ayy, atleast I have my Dogkid.
My biggest expectation in a partner would be a HUGE sense of humor. I'm. a goofball so they would at least have to tolerate my shenanigans. They must also tolerate Dogs. My dog is my heart, so deal or be dealt with ;-P. Last but most definetely NOT least..BE FAITHFUL!! I always have so I can only expect the same from a spouse.
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of course we would!! lol ill cook, italian is my specialty ;)
Mine too!! @jcl4rks0n I'm actually Italian on my mom's side so I eat all the pasta :)
im italian in my moms side too..😮 long lost cousins or what?? lol
I think we might be! @jcl4rks0n haha her family is like SUPER italian. we even went to Italy and explored the places her family was from.
my grams is full too.. and a yiny lio ball of italian fury.(thats ONE of her nicknames from me)