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Small scale, the top 5 most popular anime, the ones that everyone knows, main character of each together. So Natsu, Luffy, Naruto, Ichigo, and Goku. Basically Luffy would do something to piss Naruto off, they start fighting. Natsu trys to stop them and gives a friendship speech. Luffy and Naruto don't listen, this pisses Natsu off and he gets in on the fight. Goku notices and gets in on the fight just for fun, and Ichigo is screaming somewhere far off wondering how he got stuck with those idiots (cause lets face it, The others are all pretty similar, somewhat smart but usually don't apply it, Luffy and Naruto have pretty similar stories, and it doesn't take much to get Natsu or Goku into a fight. Unlike Ichigo rarely gets in a fight he doesn't have to be in. It still doesn't take much to piss him off but he's better at controling his emotions than Luffy or Naruto.) I'm not trying to fanboy, thats just how I see it going
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Then it would be a bunch of sadistic bad@$$3$ all trying to kill each other and we'd all cry as our favorite characters all die... one by one.
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Thts a hella expensive right there
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I think it could be an action comedy.
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@MalcolmAllen I kinda agree
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