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1) My selfie! Thanks for the tag by the way @allobaber cx
2) My dream crush.....hmmm I would have to say it's...Zelo from the K-pop group B.A.P. He's been my favorite since they debuted ^^
3) I am single! But I'm not planning to date anyone until I feel that I am ready to date someone.
4) A romantic memory that I have is when I was in 5th grade. A boy gave me a rose made out of paper and had two Hershey kisses inside (like the picture above). It was during Valentines Day. It made me really happy ^^
5) What I look for in my partner is quite simple (I believe so). I would like my partner to be detailed! I don't care about money nor materials and such. I want him to be creative and come up with ways to have nice dates (a date in the park, picnic, at home,.etc.)
@RaquelArredondo YOU ARE THE CUTESTTTT. <3 Love those selfies :) you're gorgeous, girl!! And good for you for waiting until you're ready to date somebody. I felt just the same in high school; didn't have my first boyfriend or first kiss until I was 18. And I'm really happy I waited that long, even though a lot of my friends dated before I did – i was able to concentrate on my schoolwork, my friendships and extracurriculars, on getting into the college of my dreams and being a happy, whole person. It's super important to be able to stand on your own two feet before you bring another person into the equation. Seems like you already have all these things figured out, and a great head on your shoulders ^.^ good for you, little sis!! XD Detailed. That's a really good response to the partner question! I never thought of it that way, but I'd like the same thing. Someone who pays attention to the little things. ^.^
@RaquelArredondo nice card.. cute selfie
Uncomplicated & succinct. Love it. :-)
@jcl4rks0n hahaha that's awesome! You're welcome ^^
i did and ty!!😁..i have fun doing everything lol
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