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After I sent Namjoon on his way, I slowly shut the front door and headed into my kitchen. Losing blood makes you extremely hungry, you know. I opened the Grey fridge which revealed a bunch of colorful assorted foods. I grabbed an apple and tossed it in the air. This will be enough for now. I bit into the red apple. I walked the stairs and went into my room; which was still a huge mess. I shrugged as I went and lay on my bed. My room was a solid color of black, the walls a faded white color, with posters lined everywhere. Some of them torn, others brand new. Most of the torn ones were from my childhood, from my mother, when I was young... and still happy. I grabbed the remote that was sitting on my nightstand and turned on my t.v. I changed the channel to where it was showing old cartoons. I had been watching the shows for about 30 minutes before zoning out and falling asleep. "Hyeon... I'm home! Come give Appa a hug!" A voice woke me up. I froze, not able to move. My body shivering by every syllable his mouth had uttered. I slowly, but quickly got out of my bed. I ran around my room frantically. I don't want him to see me! Not like I am right now... "Hyeon, if you don't come out right now, you're going to be severely punished." I heard my dad say. Crap! He's getting closer! I thought. I snatched my jacket from my chair, and opened my window. I can either jump, and risk spraining my ankle or looking at him...
It's been forever since I've put an update on this story... but now that finals are out of the way, I can hopefully post the rest of the story! I'll try to post 2 chapter a day, but at minimum, I'll post one. Thank you for reading my story!!!
Cliff hanger. Boo.
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