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*WARNING* There is some mature content so please be aware!! Enjoy!!! >Part 1
The screams of fans surround you as you stand in the front row waiting for the concert to begin. You pout to yourself as you think about the conversation you had a minute ago with your boyfriend. *Flashback* "Are you kidding me Kai?" you almost yell in frustration. "What do you mean I can't go backstage?" Kai smiles at you. "Babe its something Suho asked for." You're not surprised at all. "Did we do something wrong? He's usually pretty nice." Kai laughs. "Well you know how know...backstage sometimes." Kai scrathces his head. "I think he and the other members are fed up." You blush deeply as you realize what's he's saying. "Well its not like its my fault... You're such a tease and I just respond in the natural way." Kai looks at you with a sly smile. "What can I say? I can't get enough." You smack in his arm playfully. "So where am I supposed to go?" Kai reaches in his pockets and hands you a ticket. "I got you front row tickets. Just enjoy the show and maybe I'll be able to convince Suho to let you come backstage after the show." You grab the ticket with a frown. "Fine. I don't see what the big deal is anyway. Its not like we're bothering anyone." Kai smiles and ruffles your hair. "I'll look for you when I get on stage okay?" He grabs your face with his hands and kisses your forehead. You nod and watch him as he join the other members. *Flashback End*
The rising screams of the crowd snaps you out your thoughts. You look towards the stage and see the members rise from panels in the floor. "WHAT'S UP SEOUL? HOW Y'ALL DOING TONIGHT?" Chanyeol's booming voice echoes throughout the stadium. "WE ARE EXO!!" You look for Kai on the stage and you spot him on the opposite side searching the coward. You thank your luck and kneel down to take the sign you made for him for the concert. "He's gonna be so surprised." you say to yourself. Suho may have ruined your mood but nothing could keep you from supporting your boyfriend and his group. You hold up your sign and scream Kai's name. He was still searching the crowd but immediately recognized your voice. He turns in your direction and sees you waving your sign like a maniac. He makes a heart toward you and you smile like a fool. The concert was a success and you were kinda sad it was over. Mostly because Kai continuously looked at you with the sexiest look imaginable. Now you were standing around the stage feeling hot and bothered waiting on Kai. You're to the point of just walking backstage yourself when he finally shows up. He sees the look on your face and immediately apologizes. Gosh he's so sexy even when he's apologizing... You shake your head hoping to get rid of these thoughts entering your head. But instead more come and you feel a heat building up in your stomach as he makes a pout face at you. "Yah!!! It's fine." His lips are so kissable right now. " can I come backstage?" Please say yes...please say yes. You plead in your head. Kai just smiles and beckons you to follow him. You take a deep breath and try to compose yourself as you follow him. Backstage is hectic as the guys celebrate another successful concert. They're all yelling and you think you even saw soju. They don't even notice you and Kai walking in. You can't think of anything else except the undying heat in your stomach. Its driving you crazy and you spot a water fountain away from the guys. You leave Kai and head towards it hoping to quench the heat you're in. The water is cool as it goes down your throat but it helps absolutely none with the pooling heat in your stomach.


You jump when you feel a hand on your shoulder. You straighten up and turn around to see Kai with a serious look. "What's wrong Kai?" You try to read his face and only see the lust in his eyes as his hand moves down to your butt and squeezes it. Your mouth opens in a gasp and Kai takes the opportunity and kisses you full force. You moan into the kiss as he gropes your butt with his hands and massages them. Your tongue battles with his but you give up letting him take over. The heat in your stomach is burning but you ignore it as Kai moves from your lips to your neck. You run your hands through his hair as he licks your neck occasionally nipping your skin. "K-Kai.." you breathe heavily as the pleasure leaves you speechless. He looks up at you and licks his lips. You can't contain the urge as you lean in and connect your lips again. This time its even more passionate and Kai runs his hand up your shirt lifting it up. Your body feels like its overheating with his touch. "K-Kai what about Suho?" you say as he kneels down in front of you. He looks up at you with lust-filled eyes. "F**k Suho." he growls and pulls down your pants. You can only grab his hair for support as he takes you to a level of pleasure you never knew existed. Your grips tightens and you can't control your moans anymore. You don't care who hears you now. Kai stops to your displeasure and looks up at you licking his lips. You pull him up into an exhausted but sill passionate kiss. "Looks like we did it again.. Now I see what Suho means." He smiles at you as he runs his hands through your hair. "Yeah... you're pretty loud when it comes to me huh?" You blush as he kisses you again on the cheek. "I love you." he whispers in your ear. You place your head in the crook of his shoulder. "I love you too.."
This is gonna be a Christmas series so if you want to stay updated follow my Fanfic collection!!! I plan on doing all of EXO before Christmas so let's see what happens.

Which EXO member should I do next??

I might die if you do chanyeol next
wow! β™‘ Nicely done!!!!! ^^ maybe next could be Lay? β™‘β™‘β™‘ looking forward to it regardless!! λ„Œ ν•  μˆ˜μžˆμ–΄μš” ! you can do it! \(^-^)/
if it's chanyeol so be it!! ^_^ but would really love Baekhyun!!!! 😍😍😍
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