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Lifetime With Mark

Thank you so much @tesneemelalami for this beautiful suggestion!! XD on we go~
Imagine Mark laughing like this every time you tell a joke
He secretly admires you
And gets shy when you look at him
He likes to bring you flowers
And is passionate about liking you~
He tries to flirt with you
And he likes to mess with you
But he cares about you a lot
He loves the way you make him feel ^ยฐ^
He's always thinking about you
And claims that his inspiration is you


If anyone has any people suggestions, let me know and I'll make it happen :) (P. S. I'm still working on a few lifetimes)

Tagging random vinglers:

@AbbyRamey no way, I love suggestions! I'll do Jin after I do Jackson and I'll go from there @jessicaacosta90 @callmeguenza @otakukpopgirl @callmeguenza @JasmineWilliams I'm gonna do Jackson first, then Jin, RapMon, Yongguk then Jimin (based on amount of votes lol)
yeaa do Rap monster
I would love for you to do rap monster Jimin Jackson and jin. Pls and thank you
I loved it! :D Can you do Jackson for me please ^-^
OMG THIS IS SO CUTE! and I don't want to be pushy but are you doing lifetime with Jin? again..I don't want to be pushy..:")
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