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Ok to any one who is fairly new with learning Hangul or already knows it when you first started did you ever look at song names that are in Korean and just think "ohhh I know what those letters are but I don't know how to read what they mean yet." and it's a great kick to have because it gives me a smile because I know I'm progressing but, to be totally honest I just started working on learning Hungal and I think I've got the alphabet down pretty well but I'm a bit mixed on feelings right now because I'm excited to learn how to read but I'm also worried that I won't pick up on it and it's becoming discouraging. Well that just took a turn to depressing... sorry I didn't plan on that initially but in seriousness does anyone have any tips or ticks when it comes to reading and writing? I'd really like to get over this hump I'm feeling and I just don't know where to continue on with, for the most part I use Memrise and take notes on paper while going over stuff and the hangul lessons are great for learning the alphabet on it's own but not really on how to apply it to anything. So please if you can think of anything or give me any tips I would love to hear them and thanks to anyone who helps. Also I apologize for this being a but of a rant... Initially I had a funny thought and ended up a bit warped from where I wanted it to go....
I know what you mean. since I don't know any Korean speakers it's hard to have a conversational practice but I make flashcards and practice with those. and I look for YouTube lessons that have conversational practice too
As a linguist major who is also learning Korean atm, I highly suggest you keep going at it. Korean is one of the toughest languages to learn but if Jackie Chan was able to learn English by listening to country music, then what's stopping you? Girl, take notes and review those notes on a daily basis. Practice writing with hangul whenever you have free time and also find someone to practice with. If you can practice with someone then talk to yourself as much as possible (that's how I maintained my French), and take things slowly. Knowing a wide set of vocabulary in English then trying to express yourself in a set vocab in another language is frustrating af but learn bit by bit and review a lot. Gotchu fam, you're not alone ❤❤👌