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it finally came in! ^_^ and I got kookie who I favorited this comeback XP I still love Jin! But Jungkook was really great!!
it is now the second album I own ^_^ Boyfriend will always be my first ;) and Kwangmin always #1 to me!! unfortunately these were the only comebacks I was able to keep track of and it marks the time when I found these groups! it's sort of a great memorabilia at the same time (:
on another note... I've reached my 1 year anniversary of finding and listening to kpop!! the ones above are the ones who stole me this past year!! each had opened me up to the group and made me fall head over heels for them!! I've got the biggest woman crush on Amber!! it's been a great year and a memorable one at that! and please excuse me it's hard to pick just one from Exo XP
Honorable Mention: I haven't really gone much into Twice just to find out the one above caught my eye! so this coming year will be getting to know Twice more!!
Sunggyu is my life and reason I got into kpop!
Thats great! we pretty much started around the same time Lol ^_^
Congratulations!!! My 1 year kpop anniversary was in August of 2015 ^^
@SusiBosshammer I can see why! I love his voice!!!