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I know that the holidays are when people are at their most happiest and that believe me is how I am going to try to be. For the last few days, I have felt at my crappiest (despite how I act on here) but I think I should let it out....and what better place than to you my Vingle family. We all have had other's judge us for liking Koreans, Korean culture and K-pop; sure we deal with it in the best way we could, ignore them for they don't have the right to tell us what we should and shouldn't like. But.....the one thing I WILL not tolerate is people pointing out my flaws and how I live in a fantasy world. It hurts you know (even worse when it's a person who I care for) there is no NEED to point out things I already am aware of. Yes I know I am lazy, I know I should get out of my comfort zone and put more effort in finding a part time job, I KNOW that I tend to freak out about idols and wish all these crazy scenarios (that may or may not be the reason I can't properly socialize and meet a potential partner).....there is no need to REMIND me of all my mistakes and flaws. To them it may look like I AM in a fantasy world but you know something I put both my dreams and goals in a different part of my being. The reason why I write all of this is because (one of the people I care about) told me all if this and also mentioned how stupid I am for not taking advantage of college. Dude I can't start taking third or fourth year classes if I am barely doing my GE's like chill..... how I should already know what I want to do for the rest of my's hard for some people to make that decision.....wooh calm down sam........ Those things have been floating in my head and (he) doesn't stop mentioning how I dream too much....aren't dreams supposed to be big??? Am I that ignorant??? I can't even dream about visiting Korea??? I also know that I will not marry my idols (I'm not a child that would actually take that seriously) that's what (he) says about me..... And I'm kind of translating because my family speaks Spanish (so I omitted some really harsh words) I feel like I can't even speak anymore I feel so put down as if my goals and aspirations are nothing.....there are times where I feel only you guys understand me or at least some of the guys are truly my matter how far we are or how different we are.....we are all tied by our love of Korea and wanting to emerse ourselves in a new culture...... T~T I truly LOVE YOU all, to the ones who helped me getting comfortable in Vingle and to the new family members that enter our lives everyday.... I just at this moment need to feel appreciated, like what I dream is valued and not to be treated like some sort of insect or trash (because that's how I feel at the moment) ....K-pop really has become a huge part in my life and for nothing will I change that....others don't realize how much these idols help us in our daily lives....we become better people we feel more confident....seeing for example the smiles of Bts bring me joy that is not explainable.....I am proud to be an ARMY and Starlight (and every fandom I am in) and that will NEVER change!!!! Sorry for this little rant....I needed somewhere to release it heh...... @Emealia @kpopandkimchi @CreeTheOtaku @destiny1419 and anyone else tag others please Had to cheer myself up a bit with my pics!
I understand how you feel. I've had people around me treat me as though I have a problem because of how much I like bts and kpop, when they are the ones that actually have unhealthy habits.. I don't see what's so wrong about being passionate about something you like, I mean we're not hurting anyone. I feel like everyone obsesses over something, but just because it's so unfamiliar to them they don't understand. at least I'm not on drugs, or making poor decisions in i don't know what's wrong with these people Lol in the words of min yoongi, " I don't give a shet I don't give a fk." you just keep doing you, don't worry about the them.
Thank you all for your kind and supportive words ^~^ @VixenViVi @DestinaByrd @sarahdarwish @ninjamidori @moonchild03 and thats really cute thanks @FannyWard
Hey. Dreams are supposed to be big. That's why their called dreams. Who cares what he says. If you know what you're doing in life, trust yourself and your dreams. Plus rant on. Aren't we a family? 😊❤️
@ARMYStarlight no kamsa for expressing yourself
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