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The movie "Spaceballs" will always hold a special spot in my heart.
In my opinion, "Spaceballs" is one of the best spoof films in the past 30 years. With Star Wars making a come back this week, many have wondered: Where is Spaceballs 2???
For those who would love to see a sequel, I have good news: Mel Brooks has dropped the perfect bombshell, as "Spaceballs: The Search For More Money" could be on the way!
According to Nerdist, Brooks hopes to start filming in 2016 and lure back as much of the original cast as possible, though many of the key cogs in the wheel have passed away in John Candy and Joan Rivers.
The absolute must is that Mel attempts to bring Rick Moranis back as Dark Helmet. The problem with that is Moranis stepped away from acting and the Hollywood scene altogether back in 1997 — after his wife passed away from breast cancer — so he could be a stay at home dad for his kids and offer them the kind of life he had growing up.
You have to respect a man like that. With that being said, if Moranis were to make one last run at Hollywood, Spaceballs would be the perfect place to make it happen.
I'd love to see Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper cast in this, plus Kathy Griffin.
yes! @shannonl5 😄😂
@merryjayne13 same! This is awesome news :D @marshalledgar that would be really great casting! I could see Krysten Ritter doing a good job as well
No way really I love space balls!!!!