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Hi... yeah that's me.. I don't like selfies. .not even pictures .. I don't have many.. I do like to take lots of pictures I majored in Fine Arts so I do like photography and drawing, painting..etc.. Oh Yes.. this kids behind me are my students. . yes I am a teacher.. and since we are now becoming closer. you can call me Liz.. although Luna is my nickname hehe.. that's because since kids I always stare at the moon so my family started calling me that ...Luna it means Moon in Spanish.

My Dream Crush..

Well.. no matter how much I love Mark and Jackson. .haha.. Lee MinHo ♡ will always be my ultimate Bias.. He started this whole mess in my life.. lol is like your first love..


I am currently single but I was married for years and we had 2 princes. .

Most Romantic Memories...

I like nature walks... because I like to take pictures .. those are romantic memories. . that was something we used to do as a married couple.. I still do it by myself or with the kids.. this pictures hope you like them.. I take them, then I edit colors and texture as I like better.. some I just leave them the way they are cuz they are already beautiful. .

Ideal Man...

Someone that can handle all that...

@AlloBaber @jcl4rkson @sarahpjane @ThePinkPrincess @Arellano1052 @RogueLeigh @ChriSingularis @ninjamidoris @paulisadroid @Nerukawong..... I tag some people that already agree to do this.. seriously I need to find a way of how to tag everyone.. like they need to update Vingle so we can choose from our friends list or our followers.. please feel free to do your own card even if you were not tag please.. I want to tag more but is too. . many I wonder how you guys do it..well I have a new device all of the people I have tag before were already memorized in my other cell, all I needed to do was click the first letter.. lol..
@PrettieeEmm ..thank you..
Aww it really is nice to meet you! you have beautiful children :)
@VKookie47.. hi. Thanks for tagging me on your get to know me challenge.. so we kind of did something like that a little while back so I am tagging you in my card so you can get to know me too... thanks again..
@VeronicaArtino ..aaawww thanks for checking it out.. glad you like
I love this. Now I know more behind one of the users I follow. your cards give me joy
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