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Okay this is too good not to share So in manufacturing technology, we had the option the make coasters with two designs for extra credit. Naturally, I made 8 designs, all Christmas presents.
I made 3 designs each for my friends that I mentioned in my intro. One of them, her bias is V and the other ones bias is Suga. I made coasters that said V, Taehyung, Suga, and Yoongi with little symbols that represented them. (And alien and a dollar sign)
As I'm sanding them, a guy who I've known for a while comes over to look at them and start reading them out loud. He ends up completely butchering their names and I'm trying not to laugh. And I mean he's saying "Yungi" and "Taehung" and it sounds so (pardon me for saying this) white because it doesn't have that kind of accent to make it sound regular to me. Anyways, I just had to share this with some people. Merry Christmas/Qwanza/Hanukkah! Bts fighting! ❤️