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In the spirit of Christmas I'm sharing this with you all ♡♡
A while ago I made a card about the Christmas present I was making for my ARMY friend, and I recently completed it and gave it to her today... her reaction was priceless because I also happened to draw her name for our work Christmas party and I have her a bunch of BTS merch :)
Funny enough, she gave me this in return without knowing I made the above posters for her!! yeah we had a good laugh over it all! she did misspell Jungkook’s name that is on the sides, but I love her for trying ♡♡♡ it's the thought that counts and it's imperfectly perfect like our friendship is and that is how it shall stay. ♡♡♡
Here's some Bangtan pics and gifs for your personal enjoyment :) all credit to those who made them!
yeah....he's my total BTS bias, screw the 5 year age gap, I'll be his noona any day of the week ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
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